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If you own an electric car and meet the requirements for your own wall box, you can fully exploit the advantages of e-mobility. In our comparison, we clarify which 11 kW and 22 kW wall boxes are available and what a wall box should be able to do.


One of the biggest advantages of e-cars: You can “charge” at home. All you need is a suitable power connection in the form of a wall box. Nevertheless, the individual models differ greatly from each other. In addition to the charging power, the type of charging plug must also be considered if the box is already supplied with a fixed cable. We compare which are the best wall boxes. A compact all-rounder for permanent installation in the home garage at a low price is the HOMEfix 11 kW from go-eCharger with Type 2 plug , buy it here:

go e ev charger


A box with 11 kW charging capacity is sufficient for most standard charges at home. Even small e-cars such as the Dacia Spring or VW e-Up charge fewer kW. They are often cheaper and need to be registered rather than approved. However, electric cars with large batteries charge correspondingly slowly. These are our favourites:

(Source: jointcharging.com)


The EV charger from Autel offers good value for money: The 11 kW charger can be operated via an app, gets new software updates over the air via a WLAN or Ethernet connection and can be used indoors and outdoors can also be installed. In addition, a five-meter-long type 2 cable is already compatible with most common e-cars and plug-in hybrids. Also included are two RFID cards, with which the wallbox can also be used by friends who drive e-cars or household members.

autel ev charger

(Source: amazoncom)


The extremely compact Wallbox Pulsar Plus 11 kW offers many advantages for a relatively low price. The box has a WLAN module and can, therefore, also be controlled via an app, for example, to tap electricity from your photovoltaic system (PV system), plan charging times or query the current status. There is also a 2.7-meter-long, integrated type 2 charging cable. The manufacturer offers boxes with a type 1 connector.

wallbox ev charger

(Source: amazon.com)


The Home Eco Wallbox from Heidelberg also impresses with its low price. Unfortunately, control via the app has to be dispensed with here and a MID meter for the electricity. The minimalist box comes with a type 2 cable up to 7.5 meters long for charging electric and hybrid cars.

Heidelberg ev charger

(Source: amazon.com)


This ABL wall box also offers 11 kW charging speed – but no app connection. On the other hand, the operation is very easy, even for laypeople, because the few buttons on the housing are self-explanatory. The manufacturer offers boxes with a simple plug and packages with a fixed type 2 charging cable.

ABL ev charger

(Source: abl.com)

5.Joint EV Charger

Joint Tech co., Ltd was established in 2015 in Xiamen. Our goal is to unite people inside the company and companies and customers to create an efficient market environment. Initially, Joint were manufacturing lighting equipment, but in the next few years, Joint also started manufacturing EV chargers. Now, they are about to start the production and research and development of energy storage equipment.  Offerings of Joint are:

  • Plug and Charge
  • In Joint EVC Series
  • Customization Service
  • Energy Storage Equipement 
  • Smart Light Pole

We believe in providing competitive solutions. Moreover, our products and services meet industry standards.

EVC19 is an smart home wall-mounted EV charger with SAE J1772 Type 1 plug.

(Source: jointcharging.com)

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