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EV Charger: new aid for their installation in France


On November 29, the Government announced new aid for small independent service stations. This should encourage the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. 


Accelerate the modernization of small independent service stations, in favor of the energy transition. This is the aim of the new aid presented on November 29. This aims to promote the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles and confirm their essential role in the electrification of mobility.


An envelope of 10 million euros has thus been opened to co-finance the deployment of these charging stations for electric vehicles.



Which stations are eligible?

Stations selling less than 2,500 m 3 of fuel per year, ie, more than 4,000 service stations, will be eligible for this aid.

The charging station must be installed in an independent service station and located in a municipality of intermediate or rural density according to the INSEE’s seven-level municipal density grid .

France government new aid to ev charger

(Source: economie.gouv.fr)

What is the amount of aid ?

These stations can request co-financing from the State for 60 to 70% of the cost of the installation, depending on the power of the terminals installed (50 or 150 kW). The financing provided by the State can be added the financing mobilized within the framework of the programs of energy saving certificates (CEE).


The aid must be requested from the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). This will open a counter system from 1 December.


The aid may be paid one month after the validation of the files submitted.

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