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We are proud to say that Joint is more than an EV Charger manufacturer.

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Joint rises

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the origin of Joint

The origin

Why IS Joint?

On May 20, 2015, our company was established in a beautiful city, Xiamen. Maybe someone will ask why we named Joint, in fact, the reason is simple. In Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “Joints” has 2 main meanings:

1.  a place where two things or parts are joined.

2.  involving two or more people together.

Within the company, we hope to attract more hands of like-minded elites to make light work. Outside the company, we hope to unite customers, manufacturers and even competitors to create a more harmonious and efficient market environment.  

The development

with lightings

At the begining of Joint’s establishment, we were primarily oriented towards lighting equipment, especially the LED Stadium Lights, Parking-lot Lights; And in  the next three years, we had achieved a lot. For example, we were adwarded as Xiamen High-Tech Enterprise,  National High-Tech Enterprise, etc. And meanwhile, we were TOP 4 exporter of Area Light.

Therefore, we have also received numerous compliments and suggestions. One of these suggestions changed everything in the future. ” Why don’t you try to develop and design EV charger?”

In the begining of this story, joint focused on parking lot lights

Opportunity knocks at the door but once.

Never too old to learn; never too late to turn.

After very accurate market research, we decided to challenge ourselves and move towards a higher platform. This is also a milestone for Jointers: starting this very day, joint is not only a manufacturer of Lighting or EVSE, but also a solution for the brand new electrical products which can make world better.  

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This is

Joint achieves


Joint EVC Serie is designed by best Joint engineer.


Research & Design

After doing a very specific investigation, we immediately integrated the company’s resources and concentrated all our efforts on the basic design of the product.

Joint EV Charger is also suitable for commercial use


production & launch

After 500 days and nights of hard work, the first Joint EV charger was launched. Once it launched, we had received admiration and recognition from our partners. 

Joint has more than 100 large customers


Our customers are all over the world, especially North America. We appreciate your support and remain humble as we continue to provide you with better products

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Joint enhances

3 tips: Quality. quality? still quality!

Quality control is considered as the first priority of Joint.
interior quality

Production control

Quality control is considered as the first priority of Joint. We follow ISO9001 and TS16949 strictly to evaluate industrial design, prototype, engineering sample, pre-production and mass production. As the witness lab of TUV, Joint has various testing equipment. Also, we follow ME, IQC, PCQ, FQC and OQC for the inspection. The passing test for finished products reach at least 99%

exterior quality

CertificatEs & patents

Joint currently has obtained more than 60 various patents, including over 10 invention patents (3 from patents) . And meanwhile, in order to facilitate customers and prove our quality, we also spend a lot of resources on various product certificates. For example, ETL/CETL FCC in North America; CTEP and CALEVIP in California;  TUV(CE), CB in Europe, etc. 

Joint also spent a lot of resources on various product certifications.
Joint Group photo
Core quality

EVERY Jointers

There are about a hundred employees, more than 30% of them are from engineer team. Every Jointer is our most precious gift which makes this team more efficient. We are all different, yet indispensable. However, we also have something in common which is our principle, we will use our expertise to provide the best service to the customers.

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* Our team will reply to you in 24 hours.