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Joint EVC Series

Most used charging station network

Secure Plug & Charge

Meet UK new regulation

Extremely fast charging

Widely Recognized

OCPP 1.6J In Joint
EVC Series

Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) allows EV charging station to be connected to the 3rd party platform  to achieve overall management and billing system of EV charging station.   

OCPP is very important for commercial use EV Chagrer Platform

The Advantages

1. 100% OCPP connectivity with CPOs in the worldwide.

2. Full function complete: core function, Firmware Management, smart charging, reservation etc.

3. Cover 95% charging applications.  

4: There are new features added in OCPP 2.0 such as extended security, V2G, display for tariffs and costs, monitoring for operator and so on.

Joint is successfully integrated with 50+ global EVC platforms

New Trend

ISO 15118 Plug
& Charge

The user-convenient and secure Plug & Charge feature that comes with ISO 15118 enables an electric vehicle to automatically identify and authorize itself to a compatible charging station. The only action required by the driver is to plug the charging cable into the EV and/or charging station.


Smart Feature & Cyber Security

Fast Charging

Speed up your charging with up to 19.2kW of output, 60 miles/hour charged.

Power Sharing

allows charging sites to maximize the number of ports they can deploy while still ensuring EV drivers get an adequate charge.

Premium Power

Pure PC material, Anti-UV treatment, NEMA 3R, IK08,  UVP, OVP, RCD and man other protections ensure the  products quality.

display of EVC 11 feature

Output Current: Up to 80A ;

Output Power: Up to 19.2Kw

Pure PC Material, Anti-UV treatment,

over 3 year's yellow resistance.

Both Type1 (SAE J1772)

and Type2 (IEC 62196-2)

plug available

RFID card Area

18ft Standard (25ft Optional

with Surcharge)

 Your Solution

Joint EVC11 80A/AC

The EVC11 chargers are the very fast Level 2 AC charging stations available, which can charge any battery-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, producing up to 48 amps of output, providing approximately 30 miles of charge in an hour. The EVC11 offers a variety of accessories available to accommodate your location’s unique deployment needs, from wall mount to single, double pedestal mounts.


Ingress Protection

0 0

Impact Protection


Extra Protections


Years Warranty

Joint EV Charger Showcase

Our Advantages

Sustainability and

At the beginning of the company’s establishment, sustainability and quality have always been the most important core of the company. In other words, these two words are not our advantages, but our standards.

Low Carbon Emissions

We firmly believe that electricity will undoubtedly become the best energy solution

Competitive Solutions

We not only have high-quality products, but also a group of high-quality Jointers to provide you with all the help. 

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