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some cool adventures in EV Charger industry that we must share

Joint is committed to build a community for users, experts, amateurs to share joyful experiences and the latest industry information. We will also invite some industry leaders to share their unique opinions.

nema 14 15 outlet

What is NEMA 14 15 Outlet

NEMA 14 15 plugs are electrical plugs that are used to connect electrical devices to an electrical outlet. They are part of the NEMA standard for plugs.

top 5 amazon ev charger

The 5 Most Popular Amazon EV Charger?

There you have it, the 5 best Amazon EV charger on the market today. Each of the products shared comes with its unique features, pros and cons.

joint dual ev charger

Importance Of Dual EV Charger

It is common to find two or more people owning an electric vehicle in the family,so how to charge two ev at home at the same time – using a dual EV charger.

Plug and charge logo iso 15118

What is ISO 15118?

Also known officially as Road Vehicles-Vehicle to grid communication interface ISO 15118 is an international standard intended to define a vehicle-to-grid – V2G

Joint portable EV charger

Will portable EV charger be the new trends

People often go out with power banks to solve “range anxiety”. For EV drivers, there was no equivalent to this until portable EV charger came around.

What are the parts of the EV Charger

What are the parts of the EV Charger?

EV Charger consists of the Electric Charging components including components in the vehicle as well as the grid. The main components of the EV charger include

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behind the scenes

How Solar Energy EV Charging Works?

Fill up your EV with your own solar energy ev charging:what requirements must be met for this? Which technologies are useful? And how to avoid loading problems?

The Importance Of The EV Charger Certificate

The rapid market growth of EV requires market assurance and these certifications are key to developing and enhancing wide-scale acceptance of safety and quality

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