EVC 27 EU( 7KW/11KW )with IEC 62196-2 compliant, Type2 Plug


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EVC 27 is a smart home Mode3 single/three-phase AC charger with compact and exquisite appearance, strong compatibility and perfect performance, equipped with IEC62196-2 type 2 plug.


The charging interface follows ISO15118 protocol, electric vehicles can be Plug-and-Charge, configured with WIFI/BLUETOOTH+APP, and complies with OCPP1.6J.


It comes with CT Clamp for smart charging with dynamic load balancing, and O-PEN solution for protection.



Sample:                                Support

Customization:                     Support

Certificate:                           CE

Input Voltage:                       230Vac±10%(1- phase) or 400Vac±10%(3- phase)

Output Rating:                      7KW , 11KW

Charging Interface:               IEC 62196-2 , Type2 Plug

Connectivity:                        OCPP 1.6 JSON (OCPP 2.0 compatible)

Network:                               Wifi & Bluetooth (for APP smart control)

Charging Control:                  Plug & Charger




The smart EVC27 is designed specifically for home use, the product's appearance is square and simple design, compact and does not take up space, pure PC enclosure added anti-UV treatment to play a role in yellowing resistance.

Our product comes with SAE J1772 Type 1 plug and IEC 62196-2 type 2 plug. This product's enclosure is made of pure PC material, incorporating anti-UV treatment. EVC19 has waterproof and dustproof grade IP54/TYPE3 (BOXIP65) and impact protection grade IK08, so that the charger can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. The EVC27 has a plug-and-charge feature that allows you to simply plug a 5-meter cable into your electric vehicle and start charging immediately. The EVC27 can manage EV charging activities via Wi-Fi/BLUETOOTH, in combination with an APP. The OCPP1.6J successfully connects with 50+ EV platforms worldwide, allowing users to control your station from an easy-to-use dashboard, quickly onboard users and set charging prices. Our product has CE, FCC, ETL,etc.authority certification.

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Black, Silver




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