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Plago announces EV quick charger development in Japan


Plago, which provides a EV quick charger service for electric vehicles (EV), announced on September 29 that it would provide a EV quick charger, “PLUGO RAPID,” and an EV charging reservation application “My announced that it will start full-scale provision of Plago.

EV Quick Charger of Plago

 In addition, starting in October, we will start installing and providing services for EV charging stations that combine PLUGO RAPID, My Plago, and “PLUGO BAR”, developed as a normal charger, mainly in commercial facilities in urban areas. It is said that it will support advance reservations for EV chargers and improve the convenience of “basic charging” for EV users who cannot charge at home.


We aim to solve the problem of “EV charging refugees” by promoting the use of “my EV charging stations”. The problem of “where to charge” stands in the way of EV popularization According to an in-house survey conducted by Plago in 2022, 40% of EV users in Tokyo are in an environment where “basic charging” at home is not possible due to housing circumstances.


Naoki Okawa, CEO of Plago, said, “The installation rate in collective housing is only 0.058% of the 6.5 million collective housing nationwide. In the existing condominiums, which account for the majority, installation is slow due to the difficulty of consensus building among management associations.” Also, in the case of detached houses, there are issues such as the inability to install chargers on the premises, high construction costs, and the fact that even if installed, the number is extremely small.


EV users who do not have a charging facility at home and use a nearby charging station may not be able to charge their EVs while other vehicles are in use. Rice field. On the other hand, EV users who do not have a charger at home and EV users who have a charger at home tend to go to places where there is a charger, creating different behavior from gasoline car users. More than half of EV users use charging spots in their daily lives and basic charging at home. Explained.

EV quick charger in Japan

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The importance of EV quick charger in Japan

Furthermore, there are many perceptions that EVs cannot be purchased in collective housing where basic charging at home is difficult. If this understanding spreads, it will promote the purchase of EVs by residents of apartment complexes and solve the charging problem of existing users.


“Advance reservation” and “charging while doing” — an environment where you can reliably charge in your daily routine. The “My Plago” app for “Android / iOS” allows you to search for charging stations, check availability, make reservations, make payments, etc.


Correspond with Nuki. Reserve reservations can be made 60 minutes in advance. There is also a function to notify you when you leave after charging is finished. Since EV chargers can be reserved in advance, it is possible to charge reliably while prioritizing your convenience and “charge while doing errands such as shopping and hobbies.”


You can build an environment that can be reliably charged in your life routine. We also plan to provide coupons that can be used during the charging time and facility privilege services.


PLUGO RAPID, which can output 50 kW, can be used from My Plago and the normal charger PLUGO BAR.


It is said to be Japan’s first and only quick charger that supports full-empty confirmation, reservation, and billing. It can be used continuously for up to 60 minutes, and it will be installed in supermarkets, markets, convenience stores, sports gyms, etc., where the time spent is relatively short.


From October, we will proceed with the installation of EV chargers such as PLUGO RAPID and PLUGO BAR with four companies, Mitsui Fudosan Group, Lumine, Sumisho Urban Development, and Tokyu Sports Systems, which will be the first installation partners. Aiming to install 10,000 chargers in 1,000 facilities by the end of 2025, we will establish a system that can be used daily by incorporating it as a “my charging station” into the life routine of EV users who cannot charge at home.

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(Source: jointcharging.com)

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