Joint 7th Anniversary

Joint 7th Anniversary: Thanks to everyone in the EV Charger industry


May 20, 2015, a seed about “changing the world with new energy” was planted in Xiamen. In the process of its growth, every Jointers tried their best to protect him to thrive. And now, on May 20, 2022, a flower called “The Best EV Charger Manufacturers in China” finally bloomed, attracting countless excellent talents to join our family.

(Up to now, more than 150 jointers have participated in the EV charger industry)

Maybe it is the God’s Will. May 20th is not only our anniversary, but also a day to express love, because the homonym of 520 in Chinese is “I love you”. Therefore, expericencing a remarkable year, we would like to appreciate everyone who stood by us when we most needed it on this special day. 

We would like to thank all the Jointers who gaves so generously of their time, without your efforts, the EV Chargers will stay in the draft forever; We would like to thank all the customers , for your love, trust and patience, without your support, Without your support, Joint will forever be a small EV Charger factory stuck on an island. We would also like to thank all the contributions of the experts, researchers and industry leaders. Without your shoulders, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Action is better than words, In our anniversary activities, the most important part is to express our gratitude and love to you.In our anniversary activities, the most important part is to express our gratitude and love to you with our actions

(520 means I love you in Chinese)

This time, we all immersed in the joy of a small village without pollution. We played basedball,  we fished and we sunbathed, etc. Everyone realized the importance of the environment to us which encourage us to create more efficient and greener products in the future. As a tradional Chinese EV charger and energy Storage, quality is always our first goal. However, compared with other factories, we are very concerned about the opinion of each jointer.  So this time, in response to everyone’s appeal, a grass music was held as scheduled. Except for the jointers, every villager and visitors in the town felt the enthusiasm from the Team Joint.

Happy times are always short. But we can always remember this good memory at Joint Video Gallery  .After the carnival, the Joint will continue to be the best EV Charger manufactuer in China, and we hope that you will continue to support us in the days to come.

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