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Importance Of Dual EV Charger


Why do we need a dual ev charger?

As I write this article, the share of electric vehicles in new sales in the automotive market is over 25 percent. This shows that the use of EVs is no longer limited. Most electric vehicle owners decide to install a charging point in their homes to make the use of electric vehicles more convenient. But with the increase in the usage of EVs, it is common to find two or more people owning an electric vehicle in the family, creating a possibility of needing to charge two vehicles at the same time.


Luckily, there is a way to charge two electric vehicles at home at the same time – using a dual EV charger.

How do we use a dual ev charger?

So how do you use a dual charger? By installing a dual charging station. If your family owns two EVs, then one of the most efficient and convenient ways to simultaneously charge them would be to install a dual charging station.


A dual charging station is normally connected to a single circuit and features two chargers and two cables in a single box.


By setting up this device, you could increase the capacity of a limited electrical configuration without spending any extra money on a brand-new service panel or circuit, which enables additional charging of electric cars.


A dual EV charger is typically a Level-2 hard-wired charger that is designed to divide electric power between two vehicles so that each receives half the power while charging.

joint dual ev charger


This is a great option if you want to charge two electric vehicles overnight since both cars will be fully charged by the time you wake up. But if you only charge one vehicle, then the 20 to 30 miles range will be added per 60 minutes.


Choosing a dual charger can be overwhelming, especially because there are lots of products on the market today. However, things can become a lot easier if you can use the 80 percent rule i.e. the maximum amperage should not go beyond 80 percent of the circuit amperage to avoid overloading it.


For example, a 32-amp charging station should be hooked to a 40-amp breaker. In terms of location, ensure that the charger is near a power outlet and does not pose any hazard. Additionally, you should also take into consideration the fact that the dual charging station must be in a location where cables can easily connect to both EVs at the same time. If you are not sure, let a qualified electrician set it up for you. A competent electrician will automatically take this into consideration and even install a circuit breaker with a higher capacity if necessary.


The majority of dual-socket points will charge any electric vehicle using the general J1772 connector, thus compatibility will not be an issue unless you own a Tesla in which case you will need a special kind of adapter to charge the vehicle.

clipper creek dual ev charger


Installing dual ev charger

Depending on the type of dual EV charger you buy, the installation will be pretty straightforward. But if you are not sure, hire a professional electrician to install the charger for you. This way, you can prevent other technicalities associated with mounting the dual charger. For instance, the process of installing the charger can be easy or hard depending on the wall to which the device will be mounted. Typically, mounting the charger requires some drilling on the wall, and drilling into a wall material like let’s say a brick requires a unique kind of drill bit.


Once you have drills on the wall, the mounting screws will drive easily into the wall and you will be able to safely mount the dual charger to the wall.

Note that you will not always be charging two electric vehicles at the same time. And when you charge one car per session, the vehicle will charge at a faster rate than the charger allows.


Generally speaking, installing and mounting a dual charger is simple. Dual chargers like EVEC D1 NA come with a dual-gun output that not only allows for power sharing function but also enhances usage rate and saves on installation cost.

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Final words

Without a doubt, there are plenty of options for charging two electric vehicles at the same time, depending on your specific needs and budget. For instance, you can mount a Level-2 electric vehicle supply equipment and use a Level-1 charger to charge your car. If you drive often or to distant locations, you can consider installing two chargers hooked to different circuit breakers to help reduce the charging time of vehicles. But the best option, in most cases, would be to purchase a dual electric vehicle station. A dual EV charger comes with two charging cables and is compatible with nearly all electric vehicles on the market today. With a dual EV charger, you should expect around 14 hours to 16 hours to fully charge your cars from 20 percent to 100 percent. But this time will reduce to around 7 hours when charging one EV.

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