EV Charger Installation Grant

How Do I Get A Grant To Install A EV Charger


Germany is behind the climate target! The transport sector is particularly affected. After all, emissions should be strictly reduced by 2030. Politicians are trying to achieve this goal by electrifying private transport. While the production of electric vehicles is currently running quite smoothly, the necessary charging infrastructure is still in a poor state.

What is a ev charger?

A ev charger is a charging station attached to the wall of a house. It is the connector that enables trouble-free charging of electric vehicles.

Is this why ev chargers are needed?

Ordinary home sockets are not suitable for regular charging of electric vehicles. The loading time is too long. Moreover, it is not designed for such high performance.


Using a ev charger prevents plugs, power cords and sockets from overheating. The possibility of a cable fire is unlikely. EV chargers should always be installed by a professional company.

What ev charger grant does KfW have?

In order to promote CO2 reduction, KfW has launched various grant schemes. These are KfW 440 for residential real estate, KfW 441 for companies and KfW 439 for municipalities and regions.


In principle, subsidies are only approved if the applicant purchases green energy and does not use the ev charger for commercial purposes.

EV Grant

Residential real estate subsidies

The subsidy program is aimed at private households, landlords and apartment owners. However, the funding pot is currently exhausted. It is doubtful that the federal government will renew these grants. However, those who have submitted an application can continue to receive funding.


If you still want to benefit from the grants, you have three other options:

Use ENTEGA funds

The Darmstadt-based energy supplier ENTEGA offers the installation of ev chargeres from your own home for almost every household. For this purpose, the company pays a subsidy of 100 euros to each buyer.

Greenhouse gas quota subsidies

Another tool to reduce greenhouse gases in the transport sector is greenhouse gas quotas. The abbreviation stands for greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas allowances are part of the so-called emissions trading. Large polluters like oil companies can avoid paying fines if they buy the rights to greenhouse gas emissions saved by a third party. For some time now, private owners of electric vehicles have been able to participate in this business. The cession of these emission rights has the effect of indirect support.

Application for regional subsidies

Some of the major cities of the Federal States and the Republic also promote privately installed ev chargers. It is worth looking into these for your own region.

Joint Tech EVC19

(Source:Joint Tech EVC19)

Funding for company-owned ev chargeres

KfW’s pool of funds has not yet been exhausted. It provides grants to private and municipal companies as well as freelancers, associations and non-profit organizations. The prerequisite is that Wallboxes are not open to the public and are not used for commercial purposes. The units are intended to provide charging options for employees and guests.

City and County Grants

These restrictions also apply to KfW’s support program for municipalities, which can also be called upon. Here, the use of EV charging stations is limited to parking spaces in the individual municipal fleets.

Prerequisites for KfW subsidies

The grant is subject to certain conditions. Invoices can be submitted for purchases and professional installations. The cost per charging point must be at least €900 for individuals and €1,285.71 for companies. Municipalities should request a minimum of 12,857.14 euros. Therefore, it is worthwhile to bundle multiple charging points.

The following additional requirements must be met:

  • The funding must be applied for before the Wallbox can be purchased.
  • For residential buildings, the maximum charging power is 11 kW. for municipalities and companies, this value is doubled.
  • Power must come from 100% renewable energy.

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