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Roads, car parks and motorways are already equipped with charging stations, but many companies and businesses have also decided to install charging stations in their car parks for their electric vehicle fleets, their employees and their customers. “Normal” charging stations and, increasingly, fast charging stations allow users to charge their batteries during a short stay in a shop.


Enedis, which connects electric vehicle charging stations in the public and private sectors, has announced that France will have just over one million charging points connected to the network by July 2022. Unsurprisingly, more than 50% are installed in private homes and more than 40% in companies’ electric vehicle fleets and employees; 6% are open to the public. This last figure (66,960 as at 31 July 2022, according to Avere-France) may seem low, but it has grown by almost 50% in a year and, given all this, the number of these IRVEs should continue to increase. Published by the commercial sector.


Caroline Gattino, Director of Electric Vehicles at Schneider Electric, emphasises this point: “As electric vehicles become more widespread in the automotive market, buildings will take on a greater share of the load. When it becomes the dominant mode of transport, people will not stop to charge their cars, but will charge where they stop. We will be charging at home as well as in offices, shops, restaurants, car parks, schools, hospitals, cinemas and other destinations.”


Equipment that is also regulated by the LOM law (Law on Orientation of Mobility) from March 2021.

Joint Tech EVC10 can be installed in many locations, such as companies, hotels, supermarkets, etc.

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What are the obligations of companies in relation to electric vehicle charging?

The obligations under the LOM law range from pre-equipment of parking spaces to equipment with charging terminals, depending on the capacity of the car park, the type of building and the date of the building permit, with at least covered or sheltered parking spaces. The pre-equipment of a location will facilitate the subsequent installation of terminals (cables, cable bridges, conduits, etc.) and provide the electricity required for this installation.


From 1 January 2025, the law also imposes an obligation to provide one parking space for every 20 parking spaces. 20% of the parking spaces must be provided in new non-residential buildings with more than 10 parking spaces.

In order to cover the supply and installation costs of the terminals, companies such as flats, private car parks or road equipment can benefit from assistance under the ADVENIR scheme.

ADVENIR scheme updated until the end of 2025 with new objectives

Created in 2016 and piloted by Avere-France to support the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, the programme has been updated until the end of 2025 with new targets and a new scale of assistance for the purchase and installation of terminals in public and private spaces. As part of this renewal, ADVENIR plans to have an additional budget of €200 million to help finance 65,000 charging points by 2025, including 22,500 charging points open to the public and 20,000 collective homes for home charging equipment.


The programme also provides a new component of action for companies in the automotive service sector (technical inspections, garages, dealers, spare parts sellers) to develop IRVE. Norauto, for example, will have installed 150 kW fast-charging stations at 135 sites by the end of 2022, using three service providers: R3 (a subsidiary of the DBT Group), Izivia (EDF Group) and SMEG.


R3-DBT has already installed the first of 43 stations at the Norauto site in Faches-Thumesnil near Lille: three 150 kW ultrafast terminals which, according to DBT, should restore up to 300 km of autonomy in 20 minutes.


In the south of France, SMEG has been chosen to equip 120 charging points. “For this project, we chose EVBox’s Troniq Modular because of its modularity, its adaptability to use and ease of maintenance, and also because the production line is in Bordeaux, with guaranteed technical support. long-term by a qualified and available team,” says Thomas Vanquaethem, Director of SMEG Electric Vehicles.


The EVBox terminal has been chosen by the Mobility Village in Ile-de-France as a charging centre equipped with 14 charging points. This 7,000 m² space caters for professionals (taxis, VTCs, commercial vehicles and private cars) who run on electricity.

Installation development for tertiary and commercial buildings

Companies are increasingly considering the requirements of their employees in order to be able to charge their electric vehicles at their workplace and to equip their own electric vehicle fleets with terminals.

Companies are increasingly considering the requirements of their employees in order to be able to charge their electric vehicles at their workplace and to equip their own electric vehicle fleets with terminals. Other businesses in the commercial sector do the same for their customers or visitors. These are supermarkets and shopping centers, hotels, cinemas and leisure centers, restaurants


For the owners and operators of these activities, it is not only possible to retain customers, but also to attract new public by offering this new service, while taking actions conducive to ecological transformation.


Electric vehicle users will increasingly consider the availability and ease of use of charging stations when choosing a shopping centre, charging for 30 minutes to an hour during their shopping trip, or overnight in a hotel. The price of charging and the ease of payment may also be a point of contention, with some organizations even going so far as to make such charging free of charge, with terminals becoming “loss leaders”.

Supermarkets, shopping centers and hotels

The vast network of supermarkets, shopping centers and hotels All the major distributors are making major implementation plans.


Carrefour is adding 3,000 charging posts to its supermarkets from the second half of 2022, after announcing that it will gradually install 2,000 in all its hypermarkets by 2023. These chargers will be powered by 100% green energy. The charging stations will be built and operated by Allego and Driveco and will offer services ranging from 22 kW for comfortable charging to 50-300 kW for fast charging.


The AccorInvest Group has chosen Electra to equip 68 stations with 22 kW fast and ultra-fast (150-300 kW) charging stations, mainly in urban areas. Electra, which is responsible for installation and operation, will provide equipment and services tailored to the specific needs of each brand (F1, IBIS, Mercure, Novotel, etc.).

Companies, shopping centers, hotels are equipped with charging stations for their employees and customers

New terminals and services to accelerate this development

The attention of manufacturers, installers and operators is increasingly focused on reliability (still too many complaints from users about terminal failures), ease of use and operability (identification, simple and secure payments, energy management).


Services to support customers from research to operation and maintenance

The path between the decision to install a terminal in its car park and its installation, operation and maintenance can be complex for a company or corporation. Joint Tech is committed to putting the customer first in the installation, operation and maintenance of charging terminals.


Fast charging is on the rise and not just on motorways where a mix of regular 7-22 kW AC terminals and fast 50-350 kW DC terminals are being installed with increasing frequency. According to EVBox’s EV Adoption Market Study 2022, conducted in collaboration with Ipsos, fast charging is a key driver of EV adoption because “one of the main barriers to adoption is the perception that EVs take too long to charge. Fast chargers are the solution to this problem”.

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