Will portable EV charger be the new trend

Will portable EV charger be the new trends


Gas-powered vehicle drivers would carry a spare container of gasoline for when the car runs out of gas far away from a gas station. For electric vehicle drivers, there was no equivalent to this until portable EV charger came around. Intended for both the 65 percent of urban households without designated off-street parking and the drivers anxious about range, portable electric vehicle chargers are just like power banks but on wheels.


If you are an EV driver, ensuring you can arrive at the next charging post without losing charge is important. Even with the technology that helps you locate the nearest station as well as the fact that more charging spots are popping up on establishments and highways, it is still wise to have a portable EV charger.

Can you get by with just a portable EV charger?

Generally, a portable EV charger can be plugged into a 10amp/240-volt household PowerPoint. Due to its low charging ability, this small portable charger is usually categorized as a Level 1 EVSE or in full Level 1 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment, which is just a generic name for all kinds of EV charging equipment.

Lectron portable EV charger

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This charger is portable to ensure you never find yourself in a situation where you don’t have a charge. Moreover, it can be plugged into a 10amp socket, which is very easy to find, meaning that you can simply get by with the portable electric vehicle charger without the immediate need for an EV charging station.


The only downside of portable EV charging is that its speed is not principally fast.


Portable charging offers a convenient alternative solution to the conventional fixed charging infrastructure – rather than letting electric vehicle drivers look for static charging stations, the portable charger comes to the car to charge it.


Also known as mobile charging, portable charging can enable charging operators to set up the infrastructure or even test for the ideal locations with the flexibility to easily relocate without incurring additional costs.

So, is portable EV charger the next trend?

The EV portable charging equipment market based on product type is generally divided into two – battery EV chargers and gas-powered EV chargers. However, there are also sub-segments, like Utilities, Roadside Assistance Companies, and Shared Fleet Operator among others.


Based on technology, the EV portable charging equipment market is segmented into Temporary Chargers, Portable Chargers, and Charging Vans. Additionally, there are two segments based on vehicle types – Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Vehicles.

portable ev charger is a new trend

(Source: jointcharging.com)

Universal EV Portable Charger Regional Insights

In terms of geographical segmentation, a global electric vehicle is categorized into five regions, namely North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.


The United States and Canada dominate the North American EV portable charging equipment market, helped by the strict pollution rules adopted in the region.


Brazil leads the way when it comes to the electric vehicle portable charger in Latin America. The sales of EVs have skyrocketed in the country due to the rising eco concerns as well as government efforts to encourage their use. Brazil is also home to a significant number of electric vehicle charging stations, which will considerably help the Latin market flourish.


In Europe, the major players in portable EV charger equipment are the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. This is particularly driven by the strict emission rules and the European governments’ attempts to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Impact of coronavirus on the Portable EV charger market

The coronavirus outbreak slowed down the global economy. But, the market for electric vehicle portable charger equipment is expected to grow substantially as trade borders are reopened and rules are relaxed. Since the automobile interest was one the hardest hit by the outbreak, market participants are only basing their projections on contingency planning in order to address operational, supply chain as well as inventory management issues.

impact of coronavirus

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Final words

Many cars are being equipped with EV portable chargers to let the driver know that their EV charger operator can provide power anywhere on the road. As the demand for electric vehicles surges, it seems dealers and garages will begin to add portable EV charger to their service cars. Additionally, car rental providers can also offer them to clients in times of emergencies while commercial drivers can use EV portable charger as a key component of onboard fleet infrastructure to make sure their cars can be charged or returned to the garage.

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