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What Is a Successful EV Charger Manufacturer?


If you want to know about the best EV charger manufacturer, then you’re at the right place. Here we’ll discuss the 5 most successful electric vehicle charger manufacturing companies. Due to the efficiency and ease on the road, electric vehicles are getting more popular with each passing day. Due to the increased number of EVs on the road, we have seen a dramatic increase in EV charger manufacturers. So, without any further ado, let’s discuss successful EV charger manufacturing companies and find out why they’re successful.

6 Successful EV Charger Manufacturers

As mentioned earlier, there are various EV charger manufacturing companies worldwide, but here we’ll discuss the most successful ones.  

evbox logo

(Source: evbox.com)


This EV charger manufacturer was founded in 2010 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It’s a successful company for many reasons. Moreover, they produce charger management software and EV supply devices. More importantly, they offer both residential and business charging stations. Their charging stations are not only affordable, but they’re also fast.

They have collaborations with various electrical equipment manufacturers. By using their software, you can manage, track, and optimize EV charging stations. Offerings of EVBox are:

  • EV Chargers
  • Software trackers
  • Charging Accessories

Let’s move to the next one.

Tesla Logo

(Source: tesla.com)

2.Tesla Inc

Almost everyone is familiar with Tesla because it’s a well-known company for producing electric vehicles and other accessories. It was established in 2003 in Texas, United States. They have dedicated and motivated staff that works to make the organization successful. Like EVBox, they also offer charging stations for both businesses and residential properties.

Wall Connector allows customers to enjoy consistent performance and up-to-date features. More importantly, their software upgrades are free. When we talk about the leading EV charger manufacturer worldwide, Tesla is one of them. Their key products and services are:

  • Solar Panels
  • Vehicle Charging
  • Vehicle Servicing

So, if you are looking for a reliable EV charger manufacturer, you can rely on Tesla.


(Source: garocharging.com)


It’s the leading manufacturer and provider of Electric Car Chargers. GARO was established in 1939 in the United Kingdom, but they have markets globally. They have various charging options to assist shopping malls, households, businesses, and parking places. They’re successful because they’re backed by highly technical and trained staff. Let’s have a look at their offerings:

  • EV Chargers
  • CEE Plug and Sockets
  • Charging Station Installation

So, it’s another reliable EV charger manufacturer.

Beny Logo

(Source: beny.com)


It’s a China-based company and was founded in 2011. They’re successful because they produce high-quality chargers. They put safety and optimal performance first. Moreover, BENY doesn’t only make EV chargers and EV vehicles; they’re a larger manufacturer and distributor of solar energy equipment. Offerings of BENY are:

  • EV Charger
  • DC contractor
  • Combiner Box
  • And many more

Let’s move to the next one.

Joint is one of the best EV charger manufacturer

(Source: Joint.com)

5.Joint EV Charger

Joint Tech co., Ltd was established in 2015 in Xiamen. Our goal is to unite people inside the company and companies and customers to create an efficient market environment. Initially, Joint were manufacturing lighting equipment, but in the next few years, Joint also started manufacturing EV chargers. Now, they are about to start the production and research and development of energy storage equipment.  Offerings of Joint are:

  • Plug and Charge
  • In Joint EVC Series
  • Customization Service
  • Energy Storage Equipement 
  • Smart Light Pole

We believe in providing competitive solutions. Moreover, our products and services meet industry standards.

EV-Chargers-Direct Logo

(Source: evchargersdirect.co.uk)

6.EV Chargers Direct

It’s the last one on our list of successful EV charger manufacturers. They offer a wide range of electric vehicle accessories. So, if you’re UK-based, you can get your product in just one day because it’s a UK-based company. Don’t worry if you live anywhere else because they can send products worldwide.

EV Chargers Direct offer cost-effective, high-quality, and dependable products. Their offerings are:

  • EVO Charge Points
  • Charging Accessories
  • Charge Point Cables

So, these are successful EV charger manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.

What Factors Make a Successful EV Charger Manufacturer?

There are so many EV charger manufacturing companies, but the question is, what makes them stand out from others? Various factors make them successful, such as:

High Quality And Services

All the companies mentioned above produce high-quality equipment, In addition, as manufacturers they sell not only products but services and solutions. It’s precisely because they can combine with customer needs, make the most suitable solution, and provide each customer with long-term business support and technical support. They became the best EV Charger Manufacturer. 

Complete Certification

As you know, people trust companies that are certified. So we can proudly say that Joint is ISO certified. Moreover, our company is a member of SEDEX and ECOVADIS. And meanwhile, in order to facilitate customers and prove our quality,
we also spend a lot of resources on various product certifications. Such as ETL, FCC and Energy Storage. 

Strict Production Management

Successful EV charger manufacturers don’t only focus on producing quality products at an affordable price; they also keep an eye on production. They ensure that their products don’t get out of stock. So, strict production management is also the key to success. 


They’re successful because they put customer safety first. Almost all of them are certified companies. Therefore, people trust them. At the same time, their products are all rich in security settings and guarantees. 


Nowadays, people prefer to purchase high-quality products at low prices. All the EV charger manufacturers mentioned above produce high-quality products at a reasonable price.

Joint EV Charger real shot

Final Words

We have picked these EV charger manufacturers based on the factors mentioned above. So, if you’re looking for commercial or residential options, you can trust them. So if you want high-quality, affordable, and dependable solutions, contact Joint.

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