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The Installation of EV Charging Stations


There is a growing desire to install ev charging stations or charging boxes in your home in order to charge your electric vehicle in a safer, more efficient and more comfortable way.


However, you should know that the implementation of such charging equipment cannot be improvised. Even if you have some electrical knowledge, do not try to go it alone. Likewise, please note that you may not be able to call on your usual electrician, as an certified electrician must install the wall box in order to comply with the requirements.


Let’s review the regulations in this regard and the obligations to be observed for the installation of charging stations, as well as the reasons for such requirements.

EV Charging Station

Installing wall boxes: what are the regulations?

The installation of a wall box cannot be improvised. In fact, it must meet the electrical standard NF 15-100 and the legislation in this area is very strict. the decree of 12 January 2017 stipulates that the installation of electric vehicle charging stations with a power greater than 3.7 kW can only be carried out by approved professionals. Consequently, all charging stations are of concern because they are available in various power categories, i.e. 3.7 kW, 7.4 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW, 50 kW, etc.


Therefore, it is inconceivable to expect to take care of such installations by yourself, even for individuals with knowledge of electricity. Once again, the law is strict and indicates that the installation of wall boxes must be entrusted to an electrician who has mastered the NF 15-100 electrical standard and its application, i.e. an electrician approved by IRVE for the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles.


Therefore, if you know an electrician, you will not necessarily be able to entrust him with the installation of your electric vehicle charging station. It all depends on his qualifications and whether he has certification.


Of course, if we are talking here about the installation of terminals in private homes, the regulations are the same for installations within companies. Therefore, professionals are subject to the same requirements.

Installing wall boxes: Why should I call a certified electrician?

If you are required by law to have a certified electrician install a wall box in your home, it is not unreasonable. The truth is that the installation of an EV charging station is much more complicated than it seems. To ensure that the installation is safe and meets current standards, the intervention of a technician trained in the characteristics of this type of equipment must be requested.


Such an installation cannot be improvised, it requires specific knowledge, since the charging station is connected to the house’s electrical panel and it has its own internal network. It transmits a lot of electricity to the vehicle under load and requires a lot of power in terms of energy. Therefore, its installation cannot be entrusted to an electrician who is not trained in its implementation and who is not a professional, since any installation defect could be catastrophic due to the power required and pose a danger to the house and its occupants.


By entrusting the installation of your charging station to a certified electrician, you can be sure that the current standards will be respected and that the installation will not pose any danger. In addition, the installation technician will provide you with a certificate of compliance, certifying that the installation was carried out in accordance with the rules of the art for professionals.


However, the advantages of such an installation for a qualified professional are not only in terms of safety and compliance. Indeed, it should be known that it is important to have a certificate of compliance that is authentic in the eyes of the insurance company. If the wall box is not compliant and your electrical installation catches fire, catches fire or causes other forms of damage to your home, your insurance company has the right to deny you compensation.

EV Charging Wallboxes

How do I choose an electrician to install a wall box?

As you know, if your regular electrician is not certified, even if he is experienced, you cannot entrust him with the installation of your electric vehicle charging station, as it is a very specific installation. Therefore, you need to find a qualified and certified professional.


You can do online research or visit an electrician in your geographic area, but you can also use an online comparator to get quotes and compare them.


Be careful, because electricians must be absolutely certified and prove it to you by showing you their certification. In fact, unfortunately, some incompetent professionals claim to be certified when they are not. Avoid using them as your installation will be considered non-compliant.


Also, be aware that a certified electrician can charge the rate of his choice for free. Do not hesitate to compare quotes from several professionals in order to make the most interesting choice in terms of quality of service/price ratio.

How much does it cost to have a wall box installed by a certified electrician?

All wall box prices are available as the purchase cost varies between 500€ and 1,500€. The price of an electric vehicle charging station may vary according to many criteria, in particular the manufacturer chosen, the power of the wall box, the features, the options, etc.


In addition, to the purchase price of the charging station, you must add the installation cost. As we said, the installation prices are freely set by each IRVE qualified electrician, but they can also vary depending on many other factors, such as the installation conditions, the work to be undertaken, the power of the equipment, the distance between the charging stations and meters, etc. On average, the budget for the plan is expected to be around 700 euros, but it may go up or down depending on the specifics of the project.

Joint Tech EVC19 Charing Wallbox


What are the aids for the installation of wall boxes?

The State has several financial assistance programs to encourage individuals and professionals to invest in electric vehicles.

2021 Eco-Transformation Tax Credit

This tax credit is awarded without a means test to any individual who wishes to install a charging station. It participates in the financing of wall boxes to reduce costs, as it allows for 75% of the purchase amount in the form of a tax credit within the limit of 300 euros per terminal.


To be eligible, you must meet the following conditions.

  • Be the owner, tenant or occupant of the dwelling to be equipped, whether it is a primary or secondary residence.
  • Be a French tax resident.
  • Purchase an electric vehicle charging station that complies with current regulations and entrust its installation to a professional electrician certified by IRVE.


This premium is available to businesses and individuals living in apartments. It can be combined with the tax credit mentioned above. In order to receive a bonus of up to 50% of the project cost, it is important to comply with very strict specifications.

The application possibilities are as follows.

  • For individual wall boxes in private parking spaces: 50% of the total project amount, not exceeding 960 Euros.
  • For shared wall boxes in apartment parking lots: 50% of the total project amount, not exceeding 1,660 Euros.
  • For collective charging infrastructure: 50% of the total project amount, within a limit of 8,000 €, for up to 100 parking spaces and then 75 € per additional parking space, as well as 50% of the volume of external road works, within a limit of 3,000 €.

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