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The Factors Of Setting Up a Commercial EV Charging Station


According to a projection by Boston Consulting Group, more people will be buying electric vehicles by 2030 than gas cars. This means that now is the best time to invest in EV charging infrastructure in preparation for the future. Due to the increase in the demand for electric vehicles, it is becoming gradually important for organizations across industries to set up commercial electric vehicle charging stations to meet the need of the market. Companies that have already installed EV charging points are reaping massive rewards and positioning themselves as pioneering adopters of the exciting future of transportation.


The beauty of EV charging stations is that any business can set it up, irrespective of the industry. However, this doesn’t mean that installing on-site electric vehicle charging solutions isn’t a complex process.


The main challenge lies in understanding which solution is right not only for your company but also for the potential customers.


So, to help you fine-tune your EV charging strategy, we have compiled a list of factors to consider when setting up a commercial electric vehicle charging station.

EV Vehicle Charging Station

Station location

The first consideration is the location of the station. When determining the ideal location for your EV charging station, it is essential to deliberate on the distance between the physical station and the electrical panel.


The longer the distance the more the need for wiring and trenching, which subsequently increases installation costs.

As a business, you should try to decrease this distance while considering the proper placement areas like:

  • Sufficiently lit with clear signage
  • Entrances to buildings
  • High traffic areas
  • Areas with uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection
  • Locations near a power source

An EV charging provider should help with conducting an in-depth analysis of the site and evaluate all the available options to arrive at the best location.


In general, the decision about the location of the commercial EV charging station comes down to a) visibility and b) power.


Your electric vehicle parking location also needs to be an important consideration so that EV drivers can clearly see and pull in. EV drivers need to know once they arrive in the location that they can charge their vehicle while they park, die, visit your business, or shop.

Joint Tech EVC10 Charging Station

Charger type

There are different types of electric vehicle chargers and it is important to understand each type to determine the best solution that fits the needs of your users.

EV chargers are designed to use either DC or AC power. Whichever you choose, it will have varying charging levels, and different intelligent charging capabilities and can be synced to a smart remote monitoring application.

Electric vehicle chargers are usually categorized based on charging levels, and the most common ones are Levels 1 through 3. Generally, the bigger the level, the faster the charger will charge the vehicle.

Choosing the fastest EV charger does not necessarily mean your station will be successful. Instead, you should consider the following when choosing an EV charger type:

  • The speed at which cars are required to be charged
  • Model of cars that need to be charged
  • Availability of power source at the location

Note that depending on your unique needs, your business may benefit from a blend of Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

All you need to do is explore and analyze your needs to come up with the best EV charging strategy that will satisfy the needs of EV users in terms of accessibility and convenience.

80 amp EV Charger

Business objective alignment

The EV charger station must align with your business goals. Unpack the wants and needs of your business to make sure the infrastructure you are trying to install aligns with your business objectives.


So how do you ascertain if the EV charger aligns with your business goals? Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. How many electric cars are expected to use the facilities per day?: You want to know this before installing an EV charger station on your property. Knowing the number of cars expected to use the EV charger per day will help determine the type and quantity of EV chargers to install. Your aim should be to have enough number of stations to serve EV drivers without spending too much in terms of capital outlay.
  2. Will you need employees?: There is no secret that there is a global skill and talent shortage. Therefore, your business must prioritize the needs of your employees. With an EV charging station, you can retain or attract eco-conscious staff and even offer free EV charging to your employees to boost their esteem.
  3. Is ROI a priority? Ideally, ROI should not be the main goal of installing a commercial electric vehicle charging station. Instead, you should use this infrastructure to attract and retain talent, entice new customers, build loyalty and strengthen your position as an eco-friendly business.

Note that if ROI is a priority to you, consider leveraging government incentives and contrivance a payment approach that will help increase your company revenue.

Long-term value

Your commercial EV charging station will stay outside where it is and will interact with cars and people all day. Therefore, to ensure you get the most value out of your charging stations, you should make sure you install infrastructure that guarantees longevity and durability.


This means doing due diligence on the EV charger providers before settling on a brand that suits the long-term value of your business.


An EV should be able to withstand the elements – should it be extremely hot or cold and incredibly wet weather.

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