Renault unveils the most power charge ev charger

Renault unveils the most power charge ev charger in Europe


The most power charge ev charger was unveiled by Renault.

Renault will work hand in hand with its subsidiary Mobilize to create its fast-charging network. More than 200 stations will be installed directly in the concessions to offer customers various services.


Although we are still far from the goal of 100,000 fast terminals installed in the territory at the end of 2021, their number continues to increase over time. And fortunately, the sales of electric cars are also climbing very strongly. This is one of the reasons why new players are entering the charging market, including Kallista Energy and Circontrol, which offers the most potent terminals in Europe at 400 kW.

A DEDICATED NETWORK with this power charge ev charger.

Car manufacturers are also increasingly interested in this market, with VolkswagenFordHyundaiMercedes and BMW joining forces to found the Ionity joint venture. But some prefer to go it alone. We think of Tesla, which has its network of Superchargers, which just exceeded 10,000 in Europe a few days ago.

There is also Renault, which also remains independent and wishes to create its infrastructure. For this, the diamond-shaped firm is joining forces with its subsidiary Mobilize, which specializes in mobility solutions and yesterday unveiled its Duo, the future replacement for the current Twizy.

power charge ev charger in Europe

THE MOST POWERFUL TERMINALS in power charge ev charger IN EUROPE

In a press release, the company, co-founded with the Chinese Jiangling Motors, announced the creation of 200 stations grouped within the Mobilize Fast Charge network throughout Europe by mid-2024. The latter will have 90 fast charging stations open to all-electric vehicles in France.

These will then be installed directly in the concessions and open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Each will offer six charging points, ranging up to 400 kW. It is the highest power at the moment in France, but also in Europe. For comparison, Tesla Superchargers do not exceed 250 kW. The V4 version, which should arrive soon, would be capped at 350 kW.

EVERYTHING FOR COMFORT with power charge EV CHarger

These stations will be located in dealerships less than five minutes from a motorway exit. The press release says this should correspond to an ultra-fast charging station every 150 kilometres along the main French axes.

A dedicated relaxation area will also be created in all showrooms equipped with these terminals, allowing customers to drink a coffee but also to work while taking advantage of Wi-Fi. It will also be possible to play the console or recharge their phone. The company has not yet revealed charging prices, but it specifies that Mobilize cardholders will be able to take advantage of preferential rates in this new network.


This will be equipped with an intelligent energy management system, while some stations will be equipped with solar panels. A stationary storage system that will use recycled electric vehicle batteries will also be installed to reduce peak consumption on the electricity grid.

The stations can deliver up to 600 kW in real time to the six terminals. In the worst case, when six cars are connected simultaneously, the power per terminal cannot exceed 100 kW. But we imagine that an intelligent system will make it possible to vary the power per terminal according to the needs of each car.

In addition, the service offered by Mobilize will be less dependent on the national electricity grid, thus making it possible to reduce costs significantly when the price of electricity is rising sharply, as is currently the case.

A dedicated networks

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