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KIA has software update for faster charging in cold weather


Kia customers who were among the first to acquire the all-electric EV6 crossover can now update their vehicles to benefit from even faster charging in cold weather. Battery pre-conditioning, already standard on the EV6 AM23, new EV6 GT and all-new Niro EV, is now offered as an option on the EV6 AM22 range, helping to avoid slow charging speeds that can affect battery electric vehicles (BEVs) if temperatures are too cold.

Under optimal conditions, the EV6 recharges from 10% to 80% in just 18 minutes, thanks to its 800V ultra-fast charging technology enabled by the dedicated Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP). However, at five degrees centigrade, that same charge can take around 35 minutes for an EV6 AM22 not equipped with pre-conditioning – the upgrade allows the battery to quickly reach its ideal temperature for an improved charge time of 50 %.

The upgrade also affects sat nav, a necessary improvement as pre-conditioning automatically preheats the EV6’s battery when a DC fast charger is selected as the destination, the battery temperature is below 21 degrees. The state of charge is 24% or greater. Pre-conditioning automatically turns off when the battery reaches its optimal temperature. Customers can then enjoy improved charging performance.

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(Source: jointcharging.com)

Alexandre Papapetropoulos, Director of Product and Pricing at Kia Europe, said:

“The EV6 has won several awards for its ultra-fast charging, its real range of up to 528 km (WLTP), its spaciousness and its advanced technologies. We aim to continuously improve our products, and with the upgraded battery pre-conditioning, EV6 customers can benefit from even faster charging in cold weather, which is especially useful when temperatures drop. . With this new feature, simple and intuitive to use, drivers will spend less time recharging aand more time enjoying the trip. This initiative underscores our commitment to maximizing the ownership experience for all customers. »

EV6 AM22 customers who wish to fit their vehicle with the new battery pre-conditioning technology are encouraged to contact their Kia dealership, where trained technicians will update the vehicle’s software. The update takes about 1 hour. Battery pre-conditioning is standard on all EV6 AM23 models.

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