Joint Tech was accredited by Intertek’s “Satellite Program” laboratory

Joint Tech was accredited by Intertek’s “Satellite Program” laboratory


Recently, Xiamen Joint Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Joint Tech”) obtained the laboratory qualification of “Satellite Program” issued by Intertek Group (hereinafter referred to as “Intertek”). The awarding ceremony was grandly held in Joint Tech, Mr. Wang Junshan, general manager of Joint Tech, and Mr. Yuan Shikai, manager of Xiamen Laboratory of Intertek Electronic and Electrical Division, attended the awarding ceremony.

What is Intertek's SATELLITE Program ?

the awarding ceremony with Joint CEO


The Satellite Program is a data recognition program from Intertek that seamlessly integrates speed, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and certification marks. Through this program, Intertek issues relevant test reports for customers on the basis of recognizing high-quality customer internal laboratory test data, which can help manufacturers better control the product testing and certification process and speed up the certification process. The program has been favored by many internationally renowned companies and brought tangible benefits to the majority of users.

Joint and Intertek’s “Satellite Program” laboratory

Mr. Li Rongming, Director of the Product Center of Joint Tech, said: “Intertek, as a well-known third-party testing organization in the industry, has attracted much attention for its professional strength. Joint Tech has established a long-term and good cooperation with Intertek, and this time, we have obtained the first Intertek ‘Satellite Program’ laboratory qualification in the charging pile field in China, which proves  the technological leadership of Joint Tech in the industry, the reliability of product quality and professional laboratory testing capabilities. We are looking forward to more close cooperation with Intertek in the future in terms of technical support, testing and certification to contribute to the sustainable development of the charging pile industry.”


Mr. Yuan Shikai, Laboratory Manager of Intertek Electrical and Electronics Xiamen, said: “As a world-leading comprehensive quality assurance service organization, Intertek has a worldwide network of authorized laboratories, and always provides one-stop solutions for customers with professional and convenient services. Intertek has been committed to providing high-quality testing and certification services since our cooperation with Joint Tech. In the future, Intertek will continue to take customer’s needs as our service tenet, provide Joint Tech with more flexible and excellent services, and become the most reliable partner of Joint Tech .”

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About Intertek Group

Intertek is the global leading total quality assurance service organization, and always escorts customers to win the market with professional, accurate, fast and enthusiastic total quality assurance services. With more than 1,000 laboratories and branches in more than 100 countries around the world, Intertek is committed to bringing a total  peace of mind guarantee to our customers’ operations and supply chains with innovative and customized assurance, testing, inspection and certification solutions.

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