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How Should Europe Deal with Energy Shortage?


For the first time, the world is experiencing a global energy crisis. And the situation in Europe isn’t different. There are various reasons for energy shortages in Europe. One of the major reasons is the decrease in gas supply by Russia. Although they took measures to counter this energy shortage, it will take time to get out of this crisis. So, in this article, we’ll find out how should Europe deal with energy shortages?

How Should Europe Deal with Energy Shortages – 3 Best Ways?

Without any doubt, Europe needs to make some serious efforts to become self-sufficient in energy and get out of this energy shortage.

1.Renewable Energy

If we talk about the long run, renewable energy resources can help Europe to maintain affordable energy prices and deal with energy shortages. The best thing about producing energy from renewable resources is that it doesn’t require massive importation. Wind and solar are the cheapest renewable energy sources. Therefore, they’re the best alternative to other power sources.

renewable energy resources can deal with energy shortages

2.Encourage People to Install Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Solar electricity can reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas. Therefore, European authorities should encourage people to install photovoltaic solar energy. People are already making efforts to protect the environment and switch to greener energy options. Installing solar panels is perhaps the best option for carbon neutrality.


Solar energy systems will not only provide environmental advantages, but they provide a financial advantage as well. In 2021, a 34% rise was observed in photovoltaic panels’ installation in Europe. This number will increase significantly after the gas supply reduction by Russia.


No doubt, it seems expensive to install solar panels in front, but when you compare it with long-term advantages, it’s nothing. By doing this, homeowners can help the government to deal with energy shortages efficiently.

Photovoltaic Solar Energy can reduce the dependence on foreign fossil fuels and oils

Benefits of Installing Photovoltaic Solar Energy Panels

  • It helps reduce the dependence on foreign fossil fuels and oils
  • You can save money in the long run in terms of electricity bills
  • It’s pollution-free and doesn’t release greenhouse gases
  • Long-lasting solutions and no maintenance are required
  • It can be installed anywhere with no restriction of space
  • Much safer than traditional electricity sources
  • Can help Europe to deal with energy shortages

So, these are the benefits of solar energy panels. Higher authorities should encourage people to move to solar panels so that they can reduce dependence on imported fuels.

3.Encourage People to Install Energy Storage Systems

Due to massive energy shortages and increased prices in Europe, people should move towards energy storage solutions. It can help them store power and use it when needed. With technological advancement, energy storage is becoming more and more popular. Homeowners can store excess energy created by solar panels. More importantly, they can use this energy when they need it.

energy storage solutions can take some stress off the existing power systems

(Source: Joint.com)

Benefits of Energy Storage Systems

  • Home energy storage can take some stress off the existing power systems, including transmission and distribution.
  • Consumers can store energy at home, so they can use it when they want, and they’ll not have to rely on power from far away.
  • Home energy storage can significantly reduce the supply and demand gap and can help deal with energy shortages.
  • As you can store energy during off-peak hours and use it during peak hours, so it will massively decrease your electricity bill.
  • A home energy storage system significantly reduces dependence on solar fuels. You can use the stored energy from solar panels at night.
  • It reduces the demand for fossil fuels, so Europe will not have to worry about importing gas from Russia or any other country. More importantly, you can maintain a clean environment this way.

Final Words

The world’s dependence on electricity is increasing day by day, and Europe is no exception. There is no doubt that Europe is facing a massive energy shortage, but it doesn’t mean they can’t overcome that. In this article, we have discussed how Europe should deal with energy shortages.


We have shared some best alternatives and options that can help Europe deal with the energy crisis. More importantly, these alternatives are environment-friendly. They’ll look like massive investments upfront, but the advantages you can enjoy in the long run are far more than the initial investment.

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