ev chrger can work well in north european village

EV charger is tested under extreme conditions


Green EV Charger Cell is sending the prototype of its latest mobile EV charger for electric cars on a two-week journey through Northern Europe. E-mobility, charging infrastructure, and the use of renewable energies in individual countries are to be documented over a distance of more than 6,000 kilometres.

EV Charger travels across the Nordics

On February 18, 2022, journalists from Poland set out to cross Northern Europe in an electric car. During the two-week trip, covering a distance of more than 6,000 km, they want to document the progress made in developing electric mobility, charging infrastructure and using renewable energies in individual countries. Expedition members will use a range of Green Cell accessories, including the prototype of ‘GC Mamba’ – Green Cell’s latest development, a portable electric vehicle charger. The route passes through several countries, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States – through partly arctic weather conditions. © BK Derski / WysokieNapiecie.pl

The Arctic Test is organized by WysokieNapiecie.pl, a Polish media portal dedicated to the energy market in Europe. The route passes through several countries, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the Baltic States – through partly arctic weather conditions. The journalists aim to refute prejudices and myths surrounding electromobility. They also want to present the most interesting approaches in the field of renewable energies in the countries visited. During the expedition, participants will document the different energy sources in Europe and review the energy and electric mobility transition progress since their last trip four years ago.

“It’s the first extreme journey with our latest EV charger. We presented ‘GC Mamba’ at the Green Auto Summit in Stuttgart in October 2021 and today the fully functional prototype is already on its way to Scandinavia. The expedition members will use it to charge the electric cars on the way,” explains Mateusz Żmija, a spokesman at Green Cell. “In addition to our charger, the participants also took other accessories with them – our Type 2 charging cables, a voltage converter, USB-C cables and power banks , thanks to which you are guaranteed not to run out of energy.”

The European manufacturer of batteries and charging solutions regularly tests its products under tough, practical conditions in its research and development department in Kraków. According to the manufacturer, each product must undergo extreme tests and meet strict safety requirements before being launched on the broader market. The prototype of GC Mamba has already passed this test by the manufacturer. Now he is ready for a stress test under real extreme conditions as part of the Arctic Test.

EV charger is tested under extreme conditions

(Source: jointcharging.com)

GC Mamba in Scandinavia: Why EV Charger owners should stay updated

GC Mamba is the latest and, according to the manufacturer, the most innovative product that Green Cell has developed – a compact charger for electric vehicles. The brand debuted its device to a global audience at CES in Las Vegas in January. The 11 kW portable EV charger named “GC Mamba” is a unique product in terms of ergonomics and built-in functions.

GC Mamba is distinguished by the absence of a control module in the middle of the cable. The entire electronics are housed in the plugs. “GC Mamba” has a plug for a standard industrial socket on one side and a Type 2 plug on the other, which fits many electric car models. This plug is also equipped with an LCD and a button. It is also equipped with features that allow the user to easily access the most important settings and check the charging parameters instantly. It is also possible to control the charging process via a mobile app. “GC Mamba” is suitable as a home and travel charger. It is safe, dust and water-resistant, and allows charging with an output of 11 kW anywhere there is access to a three-phase industrial socket. The device is scheduled to sell in the second half of 2022. The prototypes are already in the last optimization process before series production.

The mobile EV charger GC Mamba should offer the expedition team significantly more independence from the availability of charging infrastructure. It is specially designed to conveniently charge electric vehicles from a three-phase socket. “GC Mamba” can be used as a travel charger or as a replacement for a wall-mounted charger (wall box) at home when there is no access to public charging stations channels report about the trip. The focus is not only on numerous pictures and videos from the trip but also on reports on current challenges in the various countries. For example, how the astronomical increase in energy prices is affecting the lives of citizens, the economy and the acceptance of electric mobility in these markets. Green Cell will also show the real cost of such a trip compared to the cost of trips with internal combustion vehicles and summarize how electric cars compare to their conventional competition today.

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